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    1932 Phantom 2

    This wonderful vintage ‘Phantom 2’ can carry 5 passengers making this the ideal choice of vehicle to escort your bridesmaids / best men for the day.

    With a cream and black exterior, this timeless car will compliment most colour schemes and wedding ribbons can be colour co-ordinated to your specifications.
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    1935 Rolls Royce

    This vehicle has exclusive bodywork by Kellner of Paris and has a convertable option, making it ideal for summer weddings.

    This Rolls Royce has a cream exterior with beige interior and will suit any colour scheme.
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    1936 Sedancia de Ville

    Our Sedancia de Ville has Kellner of Paris bodywork, black and white exterior and a white interior.

    This vintage car once belonged to a countess living in The Ritz, Paris. During WWII, the vehicle was shipped to america to ensure its safety. The countess bequeath the vehicle to her chauffer upon her passing, resulting in it's arrival in the UK and is now part of our fleet. This is the perfect car for your big day!
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    1937 H J Mullener

    This vintage car can carry 5 passengers with it's cream exterior and beige interior. In 1937, this vintage car was a Scottish Show Car.
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    1938 Rolls Royce

    This vintage Rolls Royce has a cream and black exterior with a brown interior.